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Frequently Asked Questions

Will air duct cleaning decrease my electricity bills?

If you want to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, it's important that we clean out dirt build-up from time. This will not only increase airflow by reducing resistance but also extend its life!

How frequent should I clean my air duct system?

The ducts in your home can be a hot spot for dirt and dust. They're also easily blocked by animal nests, which means you might not know there's an issue until it affects the performance. There's no industry standard about how often the ducts should be cleaned since it depends on the situation. That being said, we are here at Amour Air Ducts to help you.

What are the health benefits in cleaning our air duct system?

The removal of dust, fungi and bacteria from your HVAC system will improve the air quality inside homes. It's important to keep this area clean because it can trigger certain allergies or irritate respiratory systems in some people who have allergic reactions depending on what type they are susceptible too!

How long does it take to clean the air ducts?

Air duct cleaning is important for the health and safety of those living in your home. A standard air duct maintenance consists usually 2-3 hours, which covers HVAC units as well main returns (this will depend on how many floors it reaches). Sometimes it may take a full day.

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