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Vapor Barrier Replacement

Protect Your Space in Dallas-Fort Worth

Moisture is the enemy of your home. A vapor barrier can help keep it at bay by blocking moisture from seeping into cracks and crevices where mold often thrives, creating an environment perfect for rot to set in too! Amour Air Ducts is here to help keep your home’s comfort levels high by installing vapor barriers in the crawl space. With our superior customer service and quality work, we’ll be sure that you never have any problems with water intrusion into this important area again!

installing vapor barrier plastic sheet
installing wall vapor barrier sheets

Why Consider Replacing Your Old Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers can keep your home comfortable for years, but only if they are up to date and are installed correctly. If not it will take about half a day to complete and their lifespan is around 10-years! Below are the reasons why you should update those old units you have or consider installing them if you don’t have one yet.

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