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UV Light Installation

Clean the air in your home with UV Light

Air conditioning systems are an ideal environment for the prolific growth of mould and bacteria that will, over time cause a Biofilm build up on cooling coils. This allows any airborne particulates to adhere causing fouling in returning airways which restrict airflow while also acting as incubators for biological contaminants continuously released into supply airstreams affecting resident’s health & productivity. For the safety of your health and your family, call us now!

Say goodbye to Moulds & Bacteria

UV light is an efficient way of purifying your indoor environment. UV-C has been shown to kill 99% percent air pollutants, like pollen and dust mites that can cause allergies or asthma in those who are sensitive. This type comes with different designs for tight spaces such as wall split systems; cassette systems (made up largely by ceiling tiles); floor mounting brackets which allow you take one device anywhere throughout the house without needing power outlets near each end -it’s perfect if there isn’t enough room on walls where installation isn’t possible because they require more space!

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UV Light Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

The Advantages of UV Light

Have you ever noticed how your home feels hotter when it’s muggy outside? This is because of the excessive amount hot air that flows through an unconditioned unit. To prevent this from happening, consider installing a new AC system with UV technology! The following are the benefits that you can get in installing one.

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